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Video resources on dementia for
those working in affordable housing

Last month, LeadingAge Maryland, Copper Ridge Institute, Catholic Charities Senior Communities and the Shelter Group collaborated to offer workshops on dementia for people who serve as property managers, service coordinators or maintenance technicians in affordable housing. We offered the same session in the morning and in the afternoon to 125 participants.Sessions included:

  • Cognitive Changes: What’s Normal, What’s Not and When to Call for Help with Dr. Ann Morrison
  • Dementia in Relationship to Fair Housing with Attorney Kevin Sullivan
  • Community resource roundup from leaders from the Alzheimer’s Association, the Mental Health Association and the county aging system

Generous sponsors allowed us to engage a videographer to record the morning sessions. The presentations are here: www.crinstitute.org/affordablehousing.

They are available to anyone who might find them useful.



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