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Upcoming Webinars:


3rd Annual 
Mid-Atlantic Marketing & Communications Symposium 

Virtual Webinar Series

October 15, 22, 29 and November 5 | 11am-12:15pm

- Offered in collaboration with LeadingAge DC and Virginia -

Included will be networking opportunities, information on crisis communication, CRM/Automation, brand management and more. Webinars will be recorded. Registrants will receive access to recordings.


Understanding Aging Conference

Webinars: November 2 & 9 | 11AM-12PM


2020 Finance & Strategy Symposium 

December 11-12 | 9am-12pm

- Offered in collaboration with LeadingAge DC and LeadingAge Tennessee *Sponsored by Ziegler* -

 Members | $229 Non-Members


Past Webinars: 

Listen to our past calls:

Addressing Racism: Where to Start 

Dr. Jeffrey Ash of University of Maryland School of Nursing led us through a virtual round-table discussion around addressing racism. 

View the notes here >


Dr. Eric Berko shares insights into the lessons and practical ways to change our mindset, renew our passions and replace the fear with faith and the hysteria with hope.

Listen to the recording here

View the notes here


Unintended Consequences: COVID-19 Behavioral Health Issues

Behavioral health issues are on the rise due to social isolation from COVID-19, but there are strategies for early intervention and improving residents' quality of life.

View the recorded presentation here 


Helping Staff Cope with Traumatic and Chronic Stress Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Practical strategies to improve your own coping, both now and later, and how leaders and organizations can support mental wellness for their teams during this challenging time.

View the recorded presentation here



Telehealth - Privacy, Security and Compliance around COVID-19

Telehealth and Telework policies that you can adapt for your organization's use.

View the slides here 


It's Ok to Be Human

Whether we are stressed and overwhelmed because of our 'normal' daily lives, COVID19, or political and social unrest we forget that it is ok to be human. While many of us work to serve and support others we are as important as those whom we love and provide care.  

Listen to the recorded presentation here

View the slides here 


Skilled Nursing Webinar 2 in 1

Infection Prevention and Control and COVID-19 Update; and Getting the Most out of your 5 Star Reports

View the recorded presentation here 

PDPM and Phase 3 FAQ

PDPM consulting experts from HealthPro-Heritage answered Frequently Asked Questions on PDPM and Beyond in this open-door forum. 

View the recorded presentation here

Contracts 101

This webinar, by Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, covers basic contracts: how they’re structured, problem areas to look for and other important tips you should know.

View the recorded presentation here

Guardianships and Powers of Attorney

Sigrid Haines and Emily Lashley of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston address the differences between guardianships and powers of attorney; the advantages and disadvantages of each; and what happens if you don’t have either.

Listen to the recorded presentation here

View the slides here

Why Bother With Bonds? How Communities Invest Their Reserves

Interest rates are low and stock prices are rising – why should a community invest in bonds at all?

In this webinar Cynthia Keith, Oppenheimer's Executive Director of Investments, Senior Portfolio Manager-Omega Group, explores communities’ best practices for:

  • determining whether it makes sense to have an allocation to bonds and if so how much,
  • how to address the tradeoff between low yields versus more risk,
  • how the appropriate wording in your investment policy can guide your decision, and
  • specific steps to take with your investment committee and board

Listen to the recorded presentation here

Competency is Critical: What to Expect as Enhanced Competency Requirements Roll Out with Phase 3

Providigm gave us a surveyors insight into how the regulation will be enforced and how you can create a program that integrates QAPI, engages your team, and delivers improved care. View the presentation slides here

Medical Marijuana- Legal Perspectives - Webinar, September 13, 2018

The webinar focused on the legal perspectives of medical marijuana and provided practical insights on this timely, and often confusing, topic. Special thanks to Whiteford, Taylor, and Preston for presenting. View the handouts and listen to the recording here.

Maryland Paid Sick Leave Act - Webinar - May 30, 2018

Hosted by Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, this webinar outlined practical steps to assist employers in bringing existing leave policies in compliance with the new “Maryland Healthy Working Families Act.” Topics included: core provisions; accrual and carry over of leave; permissible uses of leave; recordkeeping obligations; and enforcement procedures. Click here for the recorded session.

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Mid-Atlantic Marketing & Communications Virtual Symposium (4 Part Series)