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Resources for Resilience for All Ages
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Resources - Resilience for All Ages

LeadingAge Maryland Resources on Trauma-Informed Care

Publications Available to Inform and Train Your Staff

Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care Toolkit:

This toolkit provides basic information about trauma-informed care since most organizations will need to learn the foundations before moving to implementation. This downloadable toolkit includes:

  • Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care: An Introductory Primer- to be used with senior staff and board members to form a baseline of understanding about trauma-informed care at the leadership level
  • Six one-page information sheets – to be used with all staff to form a baseline of understanding about trauma-informed care across the organization
  • Two sets of slides with notes – to be used for presentations and education

Implementing Trauma-Informed Care: A Guidebook

This Guidebook builds on the Foundations Toolkit and contains:

  • A quick review of the basics of trauma and trauma-informed care
  • Guidance for creating an implementation plan and forming an implementation team
  • Special considerations for nursing homes including: dementia, contracted health professionals, behavioral health resources, staff and trauma, families and trauma, policies and procedures
  • Resources including: preliminary organizational assessment, worksheets and checklists, staff pre-and post-test, tips on leading change

If you are a LeadingAge member, log in to the LeadingAge national site through your MyLeadingAge account to download both resources at no cost here.

If you are not a LeadingAge member, order these resources from our store.


Presentations on Trauma-Informed Care

We are eager to spread the word about trauma-informed care and have given many presentations on the subject. Please contact us if you are interested. Past presentations include:

  • Hebrew Home at Riverdale staff trainings September 2019
  • LeadingAge Pennsylvania Phase 3 RoPs: Trauma-Informed Care Webinar September 2019
  • LeadingAge Maryland Trauma Informed Care Implementation Workshop July 2019
  • LeadingAge Maryland Annual Conference April 2019
  • Pennsylvania Association of Directors of Nursing Administration April 2019
  • McKnight’s Long Term Care News Webinar March 2019
  • Catholic Health Association Webinar February 2019
  • Health Facilities Association of Maryland Podcast January 2019
  • LeadingAge Webinar October 2018
  • LeadingAge DC Annual Conference October 2018
  • American Public Human Services Association Annual Summit May 2018
  • Peace Church Compliance Program Annual Compliance & Risk Management Conference – May 2018
  • LeadingAge Maryland Annual Conference April 2018

Training and Consultation

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Train Staff
    • Senior Leadership
    • Implementation Team
    • All-staff
  • Implementation Planning
  • Customized packages available

Topics Include:

  • Basics of Trauma
  • Principles of trauma-informed care
  • Trauma and older adults
  • Implementing trauma-informed care
  • Universal trauma precautions
  • Levels of implementation
  • Staff and trauma
  • Special considerations for nursing home settings


Resilience for All Ages consultants are available to provide for onsite training and consultation customized to your organization’s needs. Please contact us to explore working with us on these and a range of other related topics.

  • Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care with Older Adults
  • Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Organizations Providing Supports and Services to Older Adults
  • Secondary Trauma in the Workplace

All packages include the Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care Toolkit and Implementing Trauma-Informed Care: A Guidebook.

Contact us for presentations, training and consultation:

Jill Schumann
Principal, Resilience for All Ages
President and CEO, LeadingAge Maryland

Karen Heller Key
Principal, Resilience for All Ages
President and CEO, Heller Key Management Consulting


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